Starr claims  Bill Clinton and his wife, Hillary, are ‘fundamentally dishonest.” Pathological lying can be described as a habituation of lying. It’s when the individual consistently lies for no personal gain. There are many consequences of being a pathological liar. Due to lack of trust, most pathological liars‘ relationships and friendships fail. That sounds like Hillary.

A congenital liar is a liar who KNOWS that they are lying.

Of course, if you ask a genetically congenital liar if they know that they are lying they will invariably answer “no”, because they do know that they are lying, but how can you prove that scientifically?

A Ph.D set up an experiment in which a genetically congenital liar was situated in front of two rest rooms, one marked “Men” and the other marked “Women”. Graduate students, posing as blind people, were asked to come up to the experimental subject, asking for directions to the men’s room or the women’s room, as appropriate. The genetically congenital liar invariably led the men to the women’s room and the women to the men’s room. However, when the experimental subject was told to wash up, the subject invariably went to the correct lavatory, proving that he or she knew which room was which. This experiment was repeated with a large population of genetically congenital liars, both male and female.

It was assumed congenital lying was a moral flaw. Genetic congenital lying is no laughing matter. Many genetic congenital liars end up in jail, as con artists, tax cheats and so forth. Liberals blame such moral lapses on the subject’s childhood, and juries may consider childhood environment as an extenuating circumstance in cases involving fraud and deception. But criminals must be held strictly accountable for acts of lying and deception. Hillary knows when she’s lying. She doesn’t care that she’s lying.
Hillary is a chronic pathological and congenital liar. She’s not unique. Bill is too.