Of interest to those who use a fountain pen is this table from JET Pens:

Pen Category/Style Filling System Nib Sizes Nib Material
Aurora Ipsilon Everyday Writer CartridgeConverter Extra FineFineMediumBroad1.2 mm Italic 14k Gold
Faber-Castell Design Ondoro Eye-catching Design CartridgeConverter Extra FineFineMediumBroad Steel
Kaweco AC Sport Carbon Pocket Carry CartridgeConverter Extra FineFineMediumBroad Steel
Lamy 2000 Modern Lines Piston Fill Extra FineFineMediumBroad 14k Gold
Lamy Dialog 3 Modern Lines CartridgeConverter Extra FineFineMedium 14k Gold
Montegrappa Fortuna Spirited Glamour CartridgeConverter FineMediumBroad Steel
Otto Hutt Design 04 Everyday Writer CartridgeConverter Medium Steel
Otto Hutt Design 06 Spirited Glamour CartridgeConverter Fine Steel
Pelikan Souveran Top Choice Piston Fill Extra FineFineMediumBroad 14k Gold18k Gold
Staedtler Initium Lignum Natural Materials CartridgeConverter Extra FineFineMediumBroad Steel
Waldmann Edelfeder Executive Style CartridgeConverter FineMediumBroad Steel
Waldmann Pocket Pocket Carry CartridgeConverter FineMediumBroad Steel
Waldmann Solon Natural Materials CartridgeConverter FineMediumBroad Steel
Waldmann Xetra Vienna Eye-catching Design CartridgeConverter FineMediumBroad Steel
Waterman Expert Executive Style CartridgeConverter FineMedium Steel