Jan 062018

He’s ahead of the curve when it comes to Command and Preside. Being ahead of the pack is not that hard for many people who are on the Right side of the Bell Curve, that’s the high IQ part. It’s even easier for the president who is well-educated in addition to being smart.

In addition the president knows how to handle people. It’s part of the reason he does so good negotiating deals and it’s a big, big asset in his talks with the other world leaders.
One of the poor dumb people to learn about the greatness of president Trump is Joe Scarborough. In an interview when Scar asked Trump if he can read, Trump pulled out a bible given to him by his mother and said: “I read it all the time”.

Traitor Joe’s been married and divorced twice. His current fiance, a woman who is the daughter of Zbigniew Brzezinski, has been divorced once. Three big mistakes between them with more and more being made every day and with even more to come. These are lesser people.