Jan 082018

President Obama was the 43rd president of the United States and the first black, African American with a 100% white mother, Ann Dunham, — to be elected president — twice so it’s fitting there be a huge memorial to him in Chicago — where he wasn’t born. … He was born in Hawaii so he’s a native Hawaiian

Obama killed the American Planned Moon Mission and ended the American Space Shuttle Program putting Russia ahead of America in space exploration. How’s that for progress? He was so successful he paved the way for the divided nation to elect Donald J. Trump.. Sic Transit Gloria.

Obama is consistently rated among the best and the worst presidents.   Based on that his library and sports statium should be as large and small as possible. It will continue apace until it’s as large as possible. 

Obama’s marks in college, he attended three and graduated from two, are secret. Why? Usually people refuse to divulge their marks because they are ashamed of them. Obama majored in what we don’t know but he graduated with some kind of law degree, …we think. His entire presidency was confusion.