Griffin is not funny; not pretty; not so tall and very stupid. She has alienation issues. That’s a psychosis; a mental derangement. 

Here’s some background on this rather stupid abnormal woman’s holding an image of president Trumps bloody head.

The New York Times announced in May 2004 an American contractor named Nick Berg had been decapitated by Islamic extremists.
He was one of us and they took his head as a trophy; held it up to the video camera; and with bloodlust and hatred in their eyes, rubbed it in our faces. We were looking at pure evil.

That’s what comes to mind when we see Kathy Griffin’s gruesome image of our President’s bloody, severed head.
Griffin is posing as a terrorist who’s decapitated the President. That’s unforgivable. She “apologized” but like the terrorists decapitation there are some actions for which an apology means nothing. There are evil people around the world, some of whom want to behead innocent Americans. With this photo, does Kathy Griffin look like your American neighbor? Not to me.