Nincompoop photographer Tyler Shields went along with the gruesome image of a decapitated American President and talked dummy little mind Kathy Griffin to hold the bloody President Trump skull by the hair. These are obviously sick, anti-social tiny humans out of touch and out of step with the human race.

The human race is burdened with the likes of ISIS from which Griffith got her idea to hold up a bloody severed head. The most aggressive jihadi teachers have their children holding up bloody heads before age 10.

These children are taught that beheadings are proper punishment for kuffar (unbelievers) and Muslim traitors who do not adhere to the Islamic State’s version of Sunni Islam. The Islamic State has singled out President Donald Trump for such a fate, Griffin went along with the idea when she held up and was photographed with the severed head of President Trump. ISIS is proud of Griffin. So is Raul Castro, Michael Moore, Amy Schumer and the entire cast of SNL.
Together these people prove the left side of the bell curve fts the minds and mental capability of the Left.
Fanned into flames by the wildly dishonest, discredited mainstream media Trump Derangement Syndrome has now escalated into a left-wing murderous rage that now celebrates gruesome images of beheadings that were once the sole domain of fanatical terrorists.

What’s even more disturbing about all this is that Kathy Griffin apparently thought posting a video showing a bloodied, decapitated Trump head in her fist would somehow be hilarious or inspiring in some twisted way
Indeed, it is psychologically inspiring to the insane, mentally ill Leftists who now demonstrate that they have no capacity to participate in a civilized society. Let them go to Cuba or North Korea where there are more America hating people.
The mentally ill bloggers and “journalists” who work with and for the so-called mainstream news outlets like the Washington Post and New York Times are of a mind with Sick Griffin. In those newsrooms, the mass murder of Trump and his supporters is a wildly popular notion. There’s no longer any tactic, any video, any level of violence that goes too far with the deranged Left. they are clinically deranged.

It’s clear the mentally ill Left is out for blood. The vile hatred, aggression and lies of the left-wing media has turned Left-wingers into crazy people.
Kathy Griffin showed and proved there is no remaining room for civil discussions with the Insane Left. There is nothing to negotiate, no common ground rooted in civility or law. When a large cult-like part of society has been transformed into hateful, violent, mindless child-like zombies that they would cheer and celebrate the bloody killing of the President of the United States of America, their aggression and threats can no longer be tolerated by those who seek to live in peace and harmony.
Griffin, Moore, Amy Schumer are the result of eight year hate-filled frenzy of the election of Barack Obama that deliberately motivated the a fascist “mainstream” media who have engaged in deliberate acts of “journo-terrorism.” Through a never-ending series of deliberately false, hate-filled articles quoting fictional “anonymous sources,” the Leftist media abandoned every last tenant of ethical journalism and is now functioning as a fascist propaganda machine that advocates murder.

The goal of the left-wing media, of course, is to overthrow the United States government; ignore the lives and the will of the voters and set off a cultural war that’s a deliberate genocide against Whites.

Any person who isn’t a Democrat has been targeted by the media, the universities and mentally ill Left-wing extremism advocates (like Maxine Waters) who clearly want to see all opposition against the Democrat fascist agenda silenced (even by means of murdering people, since the Left believes the ends always justify the means). Left-wing journalists, in other words, are complicit in the violence and genocide now being openly invoked by the deranged Left. Kathy Griffin is their Joan of Arc.

An anthropologist Michael P. Oman-Reagan, is now openly calling for “white genocide,” stating it’s a “good plan” because White people teach white children to be “full of hate.” (Yes, seriously, this is the demented logic of the hate-filled Left. They label others “racists” while calling for skin-color-based genocide in the very same sentence.)

The same academic then insisted that America is a “racist nation” and therefore all White people should be murdered to eliminate the racism. This is the motivation for Griffin’s decapitation event.

America’s universities have been turned into what can now clearly be called extremism training camps for left-wing fascists. Instead of teaching students to be responsible adults with critical thinking skills, colleges and universities now focus on obedience training coupled with deeply-ingrained hatred, intolerance and violence toward Republicans, Libertarians and all those who have opposing points of view.

This is far beyond simple disagreement. The Left has demonstrated beyond any doubt that it is unwilling to participate in a civilized society and demands nothing less than a totalitarian, fascist regime run by violent Leftists. Griffin is their poster child. Her Trump decapitation is their Statue of Liberty. She is ringing their Liberty Bell to kill the President and the people who elected him.

The Left has become a deranged, dangerous, violent, intolerant CULT of murder advocates and would-be serial killers. They caused Griffin. they agree with Griffin. Like Griffin the Left has abandoned all civility, all ethics and all respect for law. They demand absolute power over all legislation; unlimited genocide against Whites and Christians; total obedience to insane Left-wing narratives and unrelenting conformity — even cult-like worship — from every member of society.

This is precisely why the Left has become the single greatest threat to our Republic… and it’s why the radical Left must be stopped.

This is the Obama Doctrine. Kathy Griffin has just advertised a great warning to us all, essentially saying we are now down to the last resort option to save our nation from the insane, violent, hate-filled Left… and if we don’t, they will cut off our heads, murder us in the streets and overthrow our government in order to install their own sick version of a Obama’s totalitarian police state.

Remember: The Left and Obama hates conservatives more than it hates machete-wielding Muslim terrorists. The Left would much rather see Islamic fundamentalists rule over America than see Trump remain in the White House. That’s why Obama made a deal, not with Europe, Not with China, not with the Republicans or the Christians but with Iran. That’s how insane they’ve truly become.

Kathy Griffin, showed us what the Left wants to do to the remaining American patriots who refuse to surrender this nation to their deranged lunacy. We have been warned. What should we do? .