There’s an immutable law about taking advantage of a good thing. Aesop wrote about the goose that laid a golden egg and the people who killed it to get the gold they thought was inside. Public Unions have had more success getting the gold that’s inside every person. Instead of killing the taxpayers, they use the power of illicit taxation to force people to choose between giving up their money or going to jail.

They are clever. They hide force behind slogans and layers of laws but when people do not pay the illicit taxes they are fined. When they don’t pay the fines, they are arrested and jailed. The Publics say: “you reap what you sow”. You forced us to put you in jail, as though nonsense is transformed into common sense because someone says it.

When business cannot earn a profit or when too much profit is stolen by illicit laws, they take action. Too often they have stopped doing business. Others move their business to another country where less money is taken from profits. Organized Labor can complain but they are the cause of many jobs leaving America.

Until Governor Scott Walker, (R Wisconsin) was elected and dialed back some, not all, of the excessive greed of the Public Sector Unions. In reponse, the unions do what they usually do. They used more force. Finally, there is a method of stopping the taxpayer rape.

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