Those are some of the reasons so many people actually hate Hillary. Now she’s in clinical denial about why she lost which is rather easy to know. People don’t like her. She’s very, very hard to like. She’s corrupt. She’s untrustable. She sold out herself decades ago when she helped Bill deal with his many women. We saw that. She has not conscience, not even a bad one.  
Hillary has an unshakable but wrong opinion of how people feel about her. She’s unlikable. Why? Why do so many people actually detest her?
She’s been unlikable since she was in school. She continued to be unlikable during college. She really pissed people off when she mistreated Bill’s many women. Monica Lewinsky’s life was ruined in large part because of Hillary although it was Bill who really really ‘screwed’ Monica but if Hillary was feminine enough Monica would never have been so appealing to Bill. Same of Jennifer Flowers. Hillary is more than smart enough so she should have known what she had to do to have a great sex life with Bill, he sure demonstrated an super huge libido and an attraction for sex but Hillary couldn’t do the job. He called her “Hilla The Hun”
Peggy Noonan: “In the campaign book “Shattered,” journalists Jonathan Allen and Amie Parnes report they were surprised “when Clintonworld sources started telling us in 2015 that Hillary was still struggling to articulate her motivation for seeking the presidency.” Her campaign was “an unholy mess, fraught with tangled lines of authority . . . distorted priorities, and no sense of greater purpose.” “Hillary didn’t have a vision to articulate. And no one else could give one to her.” “Hillary had been running for president for almost a decade and still didn’t really have a rationale.”

“What is true is that throughout her career Mrs. Clinton has shown herself to be largely incapable of honest self-reflection, of pointing the finger, for even a moment, at herself. She is not capable of what in Middle English was called “agenbite of inwit”—remorse of conscience, the self-indictment and implicit growth, that come of taking a serious personal inventory. People are always doing bad things to her, she never does bad things to them. They operate in bad faith, she only in good. They lie and exaggerate, she doesn’t. They are low and partisan, not her. There’s no vast left-wing conspiracy only a right-wing one.
People can see this. It’s part of why she lost.”

She doesn’t get why some people simply don’t like her; why others hate her and why so many detest her.

Hillary has plenty of money. She should spend some of it and go on vacation. It’s a big world. Go to Hong Kong and get lost in the spender there. Hire a car and tour Japan. Go to Mykonos; to Santorini; to the Caribbean islands. Go get lost in the winding streets of Berlin or St Petersburg. Drive around Ireland. Visit Copenhagen and watch the Northern Lights in Norway. Go to Vienna. Walk around Chartres. Rome is always a great place. Go to Naples. Visit St. Marks Square in Venice. It’s a big, big world and Hillary should see some of it as a private person and pay for it herself. Go. Leave us alone. .