150 Million workers. 40 million people without healthcare insurance. Add those numbers. That’s 190 million. Subtract those numbers. That’s 110 million. Best case: 190 million pay for the 40 million. The 40 million is 36% of the 110 million. The 40 million is 21% of the 190 million. Average is 29% increase for those already paying.

Add a low amount of administrative expense to pay for the additional IRS agents and the Worst case, 110 million pay for 190 million goes to 38% and the best case goes to 28%, average  33.7%.

33% is the lowest it could be if there’s no change to the cost of the policies but we know Obamacare Insurance costs are up at least 25%. The net result: Obamacare will increase the cost of a health care policy 33.7% plus 25% for a total cost increase of 58.7%. Simple arithmetic shows how expensive Obamacare is. Common sense shows what should be done with it. Destroy it.  

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