Reuters reported the U.S. ambassador to Libya was killed. Killed? It wasn’t an accident. It’s not like “he fell and hit his head”. He was murdered. Sure every murder can be called a killing but the opposite isn’t true. Every killing is not murder. A mob murdered the American ambassador to Libya and three other embassy staff during what seems to be a bunch of crazy men jumping and yelling in a street. There are plenty of camera phone photo’s and videos but the Benghazi police won’t do much about bring the murders to justice.

When a mob knows there are no reprisals they know they can murder people without consequence. The mob thought about which building to attack so the murder may be First Degree because it was pre-meditated. The false claim that the men in the mob were mad over some pictures shows they thought even more before they murdered which means the murders were truely pre-meditated. The men in the mob have no moral claim to a right to murder. There is no such right. Not even the military has such a right.

Also, a mob is a collection of individual men. Individual meaning individual minds who think. The individuals who joined together know their form of punishment or retribution does not belong in a civilized world, a world which long ago learned about lawful behaviors and due process of law but the individuals also know they will remain unpunished. That encourages them and others to murder more innocent people. More and more  individual primitive crazy men will join future murder sprees until some leader decides there will be no more murders and acts to stop the murderers. We know we cannot look for justice in this case to the President of the United States who said the ambassador died in a fire. Obama has been called feckless towards justice in the Middle East. His responses so far confirm that. His endorsemsnts from foreign leaders who are not friendly to America shows why it’s important that his presidency be limited to one term.

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