The embassador to Egypt apologized for the behavior of a private American who lives in the United States. If that’s the foreign policy of Obama and Hillary, they are ill-equipped and dumb. Here’s why. One word. Appeasement. They are kissing up to the soft-headed America hating Arab world,  to the assassains of 9/11 and the murders of the American ambassador to Libya. Instead of condemning the howling primitives who have been taking over American embassies, as happened when that dope Carter was the President and the American embassy was occupied until Reagan took over. It’s clear that Obama, Hillary and Valarie Jarrett, born in Iraq do not support America or our civilized Rules of Law. One cannot support that which is not believed. Obama’s entire administration is aimed at the destruction or at least the disabling of America and the murders in Benghazi prove how wrong his foreign policy really is. The worst part of the mainstream media is their full agreement with degrading America, probably because they view America as founded by slave owners and they believe in their hearts in the attempt of the Obama campaign to blame the shameful attacks on American Property in Egypt and Libya as the fault of the victims. 

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