Re: Middle East Attacks On Americans.

Why get into what allegedly provoked them? The motive is part of the evidence that a murderer committed murder. There is no Right To Murder. Murderers may plead Provocation but Provacation does not create a Right To Murder.

Why get into Religion? There is no Religious doctrine which provides A Right To Murder.

They are murderers….. Period.

They are nothing more then Murderers. Attacking an Embassy is An Act Of War.

When American Embassies, which are “soil of America”,

are under attack

the response should be overwhelming force.

two or three helicopters

put in the air

bristling with Marines

firing those high speed guns

at as many threatening persons they see,

followed by some Naval Air Fighter Jets

doing the same thing and

preparing the way for the bombers and

then following the bombers with 20 drones for a few days.

Guaranteed to stop the attacks for at least 20 years.

 It worked when Reagan did it to Kaddafi in 1983.

 It’ll work against the rest of the murders from the Middle East too.

Then we can go to the U.N. in New York and warn the rest of the world

that’s what happens when you annoy a bear, as the Russians have told us.

It’s better to be feared than respected. Of course it’s great to be both respected and feared or even to be respected and known as the Just and Proud nation we are but at this point in the developement of Nations that is imposible which gets us back where we began. It’s better to be feared because that’s the only way possible for America to be safe.

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