President Obama is a world class liar.
He lied about your medical plan.
He lied about your doctor.
He lied about coal.
He lied about the pipeline.
He lied about the deplorables by saying they cling to their guns and religion

He lied when he told us: “More young black men languish in prison than attend colleges and universities across America”. That was a 2007 campaign claim by Senator Obama, that was wildly off the mark. the truth is there are five times more black men enrolled in colleges and universities than young black men in federal and state prisons — and two and half times the total number incarcerated (including local jails). Even if you expanded the age group to include African American males up to 30 or 35, the college attendees would still outnumber the prisoners. Why did he lie. Ask him. What’s important is he lied.
For a longer list of Obama’s lies click: HERE.

In his last address to the nation, Obama lied about his support for labor; economic and social justice for Black people; climate change and, of course, the rightwing Republican program that is his shameful legacy, Obamacare. Virtually everything the man says is a form of lie. But he does it so well, and some folks want so badly to believe.

Judge Pirro is very clear and forceful about Obama’s lies. She wanted him impeached. HERE. It’s too late to impeach him but his name can be condemned. History should disrespect him.