He lost Yemen, Libya, and Iraq due to his feckless leadership against Al-Qaeda and ISIS.

He traded six terrorists for Bo Bergdahl, a traitor. He released them from prison to attack America again and again.
His lack of ability led to terrorists going after the families of American military in America.

He is praising Iran while attacking Israel. He used American Taxpayer Money to defeat Prime Minster Netanyahu but it didn’t work. He sent his campaign team to Israel to work against Benjamin Netanyahu but it didn’t work either. He personally insulted Netanyahu as often as he could while posturing as a friend of Israel which he resents. Why is Obama anti-Semetic? Why is he anti-White?

He has repeatedly taken sides against white people in the issue of black relations, even to the point of backing Trayvon Martin, (Trayvon could have been my son), Michael Brown; Obama’s response to the Michael Brown shooting led to more rioting in Ferguson, MO and his disastrous “Beer Summit” where he actually invited a Henry Gates, a black professor who had been properly arrested to the White House with the arresting officer. The arresting officer told Obama the arrest was proper.

Unfortunately for the world, President Obama has been caught too often lying to the public. He’s ignored the Constitution. He has inflamed decent people with his pandering to people like Marxist Van Jones and race-baiter Al Sharpton He has inflamed and abandoned American allies. He has appeased tyrants and is set to do it again in Iran. He’s coddling Iran, an American-hating enemy of America as America’s enemies are slaughtering and butchering their way across the entire Mideast and Northern Africa.

President Obama is gunning for the destruction of Israel. He has less than two years to go and the survival of Israel may depend on the disobedience of the American military.

Obama is paving the way for an Iranian nuke along with ICBM’s to deliver it to Israel, Europe and America.

There are holocaust deniers and Obama deniers but they are politically blind. The consequences of Obama are intended. He has an almost Messianic ability to deceive and he’s been enormously successful practicing the anti-West hatred inculcated into him by his father and his almost loopy mother.

He even compared the Republican critics to religious hard-liners in an address to the People of Iran. That’s a despicable lie given that Iranian’s or their proxies slaughtered thousands of American military in Iraq and Afghanistan. What sane human being would trust such an execrable regime with nukes?

Obama is worse than an anti-Semite, he’s against America and is using our freedom’s and Liberty against us. He is targeting Israel to use as an example of what it means to defy and defeat him. The free world is paying the price for American’s electing this princeling who is determined to punish the West. He’s determined to eliminate Israel. He can do it because he’s already eliminated much of the Constitutional Protection in America.

What intellectual dysfunction, what cerebral gap causes this aberrant and abhorrent behavior in a man? Answer: Nature, Nurture and the inculcation of a unique type of hate. meanwhile, Israel is in grave danger. Like Caesar, they may be stabbed to death by enemies posing as friends.

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