What’s the big deal about leaks? Isn’t that what Edward Snowden did when he leaked the information about spying on Americans without a warrant? In 2016, WikiLeaks published the DNC leaks and the Podesta emails during the United States presidential election, 2016. those were good leaks. Why then is President trump so concerned about leaks from inside the White House?
Because information is power and information can kill. The president has an expectation that people in his administration are loyal to him because that means simultaneously loyalty to America. the President has to know his appointed people respect him and his office and do not wish to betray him. When a leak is found it shows there is someone who is trying to harm and hurt the president.
President Trump needs to stop the investigations around Julian Assange and to pardon him of any alleged crimes that are peoding from impeached Obama Attorney General Eric Holder. developing

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