People are compassionate. People feel sorry for unfortunate looking people. They give them the usual break we give to people unfavored by nature including those with thin voices, awkward looks, underdeveloped figures, stringy hair, aka Meryl Streep. An expensive designer gown doesn’t fix the underlying, incurable hard to look at wispy voiced woman who has a reputation of pretending to be someone else. How hard is that? Children do it unconsciously. Adults do it even easier than children.

If you read novels you slip into the various characters as your read the book. It’s easy and natural. It’s harder not to act than to act. What about stage freight?

Screen actors work in front of a camera and are a director tells them what to do. That’s not as public as appearing on a stage doing a play so most people are OK working in a movie. Working on a stage in public with bright lights and even a spotlight is something most people would do in a heartbeat if they get a chance but  The American Psychiatric Association (2013) estimates that extreme fear of public speaking occurs in 7 percent of the adult population. For the remaining 93 percent it’s not a problem. Streep has a job 93 percent of the people could do and most people would do it enthusiastically.

The psychological mechanism for stage freight is a dishonest personality, someone always on the cheat. trying to be someone they aren’t. Sounds like Meryl, right?