Kellyanne said: “I think the biggest fake news in this election was was that Donald Trump couldn’t win.”
“That was peddled, probably for weeks and months before the campaign ended, definitely in the closing days,” she continued. “If you look at major newspapers and major cable stations, networks, Jake, it’s unmistakable.”

More Fake News form the Communist News Network, Cnn. A CNN reporter said “Trumps Plane Crashed”.
CNN issued a statement Friday saying the producer would be “disciplined.”

The entire Network should lose it’s credibility but where would we get Fake News?
From every other cable and network news channels, from every American newspaper, from every American College, high school and elementary school right down to the Red Communist kindergarten teachers who were taught by the red Colleges and Universities. These goofy little minded idiots won’t stop.
Even worse for Freedom and Liberty, Trumps win has energized these Span of Satan.

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