Some of these Red Commie Mass colleges are: “Petri dishes for growing disgusting little socialist layabouts who fear being triggered with microaggressions. All of these schools in Mass are required to have “safe spaces” full of play doh, cocoa and little puppies to pet”……. Give me a break.
“Why do you really care if Hampshire College removes the flag from its campus? The Trump administration on day one should withhold 100% of Federal funds from this school. Hampshire College should be driven out of business and not given a second chance. Trump should figuratively burn this school to the ground and not leave two bricks left together not the destruction of Carthage.
Hampshire College in Amherst, Mass. placed its on-campus flag at half staff following President-elect Donald Trump’s surprise victory in the election. the night before Veterans Day, an unknown person took down the flag and burned it. The school put UP another flag AT HALF-MAST, Therby continuing the insult to America– for Veterans Day. Two days later sissy president Jonathan Lash removed the flag 100%.

The school was sharply criticized by the mayor of Amherst, and a large crowd of military veterans showed up to publicly protest.

The school has reversed course entirely, and announced that it will fly the flag at full-staff like it did before the election.

After making the announcement, Lash complained about the hostility he had encountered from people angry over the school’s removal of the flag.

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