Slovenian, English, French, Serbian and German. Slovenian has four dialects. English has many more. The Philadelphia accent is very recognizable as is the Southern U.S. accent but Melania probably speaks Manhattan style. French, Serbian and German are very different languages compared to English. Slovenian is more German sounding.

Languages however do not make the woman. Melania is far more International because of her birthplace and experiences around the world and in America. Successful models travel to exotic international locations outside both Europe and America. She modeled for MetropolitanModels located at 37 bis avenue d’Iena, Paris, 75116 France. Avenue d’Iena is an up market, elegant tree-lined avenue in the 16th arrondissement of Paris. The agency is one of the top modeling agencies in the world. Melania probably learned a lot of French working in Paris.
Her father was a member of the Communist Party. Naturally. Slovenia was part of Yugoslavia, a Communist Country. One doesn’t survive in a communist country by being a contrarian. Melania has personal knowledge of the problems with communism. She can compare capitalism with communism from experience, not as the American Liberal Left does by listening and watching TV, movies and reading The New York Times often referred to as PRAVDA EAST. This will not go well for Vladimir Putin. It is great to have someone in the WHite House who is as cosmopolitan as Melania.

Personally, having been in 92 countries, I can say the positive advantages of having traveled internationally is difficult to explain. Suffice it to say the attitude is a lot different for having met and worked with individuals around the world. Melania has that experience and it will be a major factor for the First Lady as she discusses the international issues with her husband.
Melania is an enormous advantage for America. She’s done well for herself, he husband and their son. She has a winning record. So does her husband. She will take that attitude into the White House.
Melania chose America. Most Americans never confront what country to love. She picked America. That’s good for America. That’s good for the world.

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