America has been fortunate to have great leaders when things went bad. Washington, Jefferson, Franklin, Abraham Lincoln, Gerald Ford who healed America after Watergate; Ronald Reagan after the hostages were taken in Iran and now Mitt Romney. Romney’s behavior at the 10/6/2012 Presidential debate is making him a legend. His Presidency will heal the  divisions created by Obama, Pelosi, & Reid and restore America’s image abroad. 

Like Watergarte, Obamacare and many other Constitutional violations by the Obama adminstration pushed Americans apart, expecially along racial lines. America was fortunate a watchman noticed the Watergate break-in. This time there was no watchman. The media disgraced themselves by joining the Obama/Liberal Constitutional Invalidation, a series of planned events in violation of the Constitution. Only a few in the media sounded the alarms but the claxons were silenced.

Suddenly, there’s Mitt Romney. Reasonable, calm, bi-partisan, smart, prepared and available. Even better, there’s Paul Ryan. Sometime fate gets is right.  

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