Death is a time for grieving and reflection. When a Supervisor of 30 years passes, most people hold with : “De mortuis nihil nisi bonum”, never say anything ill about the dead but there are exceptions. The very human attribute of reflection is stilled until an appropriate amount of time has passed but with the effusive praise given Mr. George Komelasky in the Northampton Township booklet one should ask about the other side of the story.

George was a Republican Insider and as such he had additional powers not typically granted to an elected official. Not all of those powers were benevolently exercised. Nor were they exercised evenly against friends and foes. Most people sing only praises at the funeral oration, and inscribe only what is to his advantage on the tombstone. We ask: Why is this consideration for the dead, [which they really no longer need], more important than the truth?
In Julius Caesar (1599) by William Shakespeare, Mark Antony uses the opposite idea, when he says: “The evil that men do lives after them.”
What is the truth about George Komelasky?
What about the people who “had to buy insurance” from Georges company? We ask that.

Bonds for local and state governments were or at least were rumored to have been “directed”. .

He kicked over my campaign signs and carried them away. The constable told him to put them back up.

The Mill Race restaurant and “downtown Holland” has been and still is “a mess” Why?
Partly because Wawa, a large corporation that had purchased the Holland Shopping Center and evicted the tenants was told: either construct another lane on Holland Road or they won’t get a permit to expand. They didn’t. The tenants were invited back by Wawa. The expansion was halted. Wawa had no interest in fighting the permit battle against the powers in Richboro.

Same for the Mill Race Inn, a large building that’s in excellent structural shape was told they wouldn’t get permits and the local board of Supervisors condemned a structurally sound structure. They used eminent domain to pay a fraction of the value of the land and buildings. the taxpayers swallowed the eminent domain payment and the building was given to the County to sell. That was three years ago.

A RiteAid store wanted to build a store at Rocksville and Buck roads but was stopped by obnoxious permit requirements, some of which were designed to be obnoxious and needlessly expensive. the field is still a field. Northampton residents didn’t get the convenience of a RiteAid because of Northampton government.

A business wanted to build a plain vanilla building in a Northampton Industrial park. Northampton government kept changing the requirements taking up time and at $5,000 per change to redesign the blueprints each time the township demanded more change. The business was forced to comply.

A Richboro business was not allowed to build a stairway down to a door on the lower part of their building.

Another Richboro business was forced to pay a $500 fee per tree to remove their own trees from their own lot before Northampton would give them permission to build their new building. the trees were where the building was to be built.

The township tried to get a homeowner to pay $2,000 for permission to rebuild their home in the same place as the previous building.

A homeowner in Hillcrestshire replaced their macadam driveway with attractive blocks. When they went to the township for a permit they had to pay $1,000. When the homeowner asked why they charge so much they were told: “because we can”.

And what about the most useless structure in all of Bucks County, the Bocce Ball court complete with an expensive roof structure that’s just about never used unless the government decides to play some seniors? Why did the supervisors approve such an obvious wast of time, money and common sense?

There’s a lot more corruption, pay-to-play, conflicts of interest, insider deals, chaos, false letters from Committee People, and waste, — see Wayne Mills: “What’s Wrong With Northampton” written in 2011, five years ago that’s on this website but now perhaps there will be a little less than before.

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