He scored more direct hits. Called her a liar. Boom! Said she talks but doesn’t get anything done. Bam! Compared his Foundation to hers. His gives 100% to charity, hers 80%. Bang! She is portrayed as untrustworthy and out of touch. Boom-Boom! Her phony pneumonia diagnosis has brought questions about her health to the forefront. Bang-Bang!

Trump kept landing blows – on Washington corruption and Clinton scandals – that will resonate with viewers. Trump had strong moments- particularly when criticizing Hillary’s record as secretary of state. Boom, Boom, Boom!
He was calmer than the first two debates, had clearly prepared somewhat on policy and executed a couple of entertaining “zingers” against his rival. Hillary is a cosmological blunder. Trump is a cosmological imperative. He’ll be the next President because he’s the best candidate.

He scored points when he lacerated the Clinton Foundation for taking millions of dollars from Middle East countries “that push women off buildings” and the Obama administration for creating the power vacuum in Iraq that led to the emergence of ISIL. He also caught Clinton in a bit of naked obfuscation when she tried to turn a question about open borders into a condemnation of Trump’s alleged affection for Vladimir Putin.

His biggest blow was his charge that the election is “Rigged”. POW! When you turn on public TV and see six pundits–three conservatives and three liberals–and all six turn out to love Hillary and hate Trump; you can be certain that the election is rigged, because that’s what rigging is. Instead of providing background information about the candidate’s position on the issues so voters can make an informed decision, the media uses opinion makers to heap praise on Hillary while savagely denigrating Trump. That’s Rigging, Full Time – Big Time. The goal is to shape public opinion in the way that best suits the interests of Hillary. The ruling class unanimously backs Hillary Clinton because they know Trump will upset their gravy train.
Hillary Clinton is the worst of the establishment politicos. She’s the most widely-reviled candidate the Democrats have ever nominated, the embodiment of political corruption and cronyism. How is it, you may ask, that someone as boring and predictable as her was able to nab “upwards of $225,000 per speech” from Goldman Sachs if she wasn’t influence peddling? The huge sums of money prove beyond any reasonable doubt. Hillary has been selling access and influence in the backrooms of government.

“Hillary and Bill Clinton have accumulated a total of $153 million in speaking fees since Bill Clinton left the White House. Only the very naïve could believe that these vast sums were paid for the speeches themselves. They were payment for services rendered to the American financial aristocracy over a protracted period.” (In secret Goldman Sachs speeches, Clinton explains why the rich should rule, World socialist Web Site)

Get the picture? Hillary Clinton isn’t a candidate, she’s a franchise, a walking ATM machine. Easily the most corruptible, irritating and contemptible person to run for President. the Democratic party should apologize to the American people for nominating a career criminal as their candidate. Her performance at the three debates proved at least that.

Trump is using all his influence to discredit this fake democratic system the elites have painstakingly put together to control the public. He’s going to grow his throng of angry supporters into a small army, and he’s going to spearhead a (mainly) right wing populist movement that is going impose gridlock on Washington, deepen the political divisions, acrimony and polarization across the country, and drain the swamp that’s Washington DC, aka. The Establishment; both parties and the crooked media. The media is very scared he might win and are going insane. What are they afraid of? The media are very frightened that Trump might win and are going insane. They know Trump will not put up with their distortions of the News.

The Drudge Report showed the voting results: 81% Trump, 19% Clinton. Frank Luntz’s focus group showed Trump on 14 to 12. Left wing reports showed lower %’s for Trump.

Why can’t Hillary wear feminine, female clothes.? OK, she’s a wide end. We get that but plenty of feminine skirts, dresses and suits are easily available. She could wear woman’s clothes at least sometimes. Why is she afraid of skirts? use skirts, not pants. And what’s up with her teeth? What’s going on with her eyes? Something’s up. Some kind of robotic open-eyed squinting. What about her overbite? takes her lips a bit longer to cover her two front teeth. Don’t blame us, — she kept showing her teeth and reflexively, defensively grinning instead of acting serious. All talk, no action. Say a lot do almost nothing. Don’t defend Benghazi. Four Dead Americans. Lie about it.
Hillary is so over.

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