Paying attention to a person’s race is verboten unless the attendor is not white. Racism is preferred to decrease the white population, the founding population we should add, so the caveat of silence has been followed by President Obama long before he became President.
The systemic racial demonization and dispossession visited upon poor whites is seen in college admissions where

Resources are scarce— especially when mis-allocated by a wastrel, white-hating Administrative State. In hating on whites, civil society’s institutions are culpable. Diversity is the code word for hatred against white people

Social Engineering drives government policy and practice that privileges non-white people in America. Massive uncontrolled-on-purpose immigration contributed to the desired effect, a population decline in white America.

Diversity immiserates and the historic population is most affected. In plain English, that would be white people.

Law schools run by Liberal mis-ideology routinely reject working-class white males in favor of students who can show they’ve “overcome the right kind of hardship”. Berkeley and Texas, for example, already make those hardships and life experience a crucial consideration in admissions. “Unusual hardship” is a purposely deceptive racial cue card for things like having been shot, or quitting a gang. As commentator Steve Sailer once noted wryly, “The kind of hardships” that’ll be given extra credit are “largely peculiar to preferred minorities.” A Syrian refugee is bound to continue to hold a trump card at American universities, unless Trump delivers on his promise to control immigration. Obama who was called by his biographer a “Stealth Socialist President” not only refused to enforce American laws at the borders, he encouraged their violation.

America became great because of it’s settlers were in possession of great attributes — innovation, exploration, science, philosophy; because of superior ideas. The remaining possessors of such attributes need to grasp what is a stake and step up and defend those attributes.

America doesn’t need more people; it needs to allow its own people to recover.

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