ISIS is not prone to defeat by force. It can be severely weakened by military action but using only the military is insufficient because the battle against ISIS is partly philosophical. It’s requires a plan to control and eliminate a very wrong set of ideas. ISIS is incompatible with human life but the fighters against America and Israel are driven, driven insane of course but driven nevertheless by a false premise about life.
ISIS is at war because it’s believers believe a wrong idea. Whether or not it’s a part of Islam or a corruption of the religion is almost immaterial except it’s important to realize the origin of beliefs.
ISIS is based on a particular interpretation of a particular religion, Islam. Their rather limited analysis is that the Great Satan must be killed. That’s the idea that must be defeated so ISIS will be fully defeated and never rise again.

To achieve success America must keep up and intensify the military campaign against ISIS. The less the ISIS “caliphate” exists as a physical entity, the less the group can claim it is the “Islamic State” that it purports to be. The Council on Foreign Relations wrote: “Defeating ISIS” Policy Innovation Memorandum No. 51 (HERE)

The multiple U.S. wars in the Middle East — Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya and others — have sought to remove the Soviet Union, and then Russia, from the scene and to give the U.S. hegemonic sway. These efforts have failed miserably. Donald Trump knows that and as has been typical for trump he plays chess while others play checkers. Trump can join Russia and Israel to defeat ISIS. How easy is that?

Trump doesn’t have to attack Islam or continue the policy of not mentioning Radical Islamic Terrorism. Keep the goal as simple as it needs to be, go after ISIS and boom. Finished.

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