Proving her failure as an opinion maker as well as her antagonistic mind-set against white people as far back as her senior thesis at Princeton, this race-centric woman hasn’t yet risen from her gutter reactions against white people. She proved it with her vicious eructations regarding Donald Trump on Oct 13.¬†

Michelle has always had a very limited attention span. Her interest level is low. Her mind has little ability to cope with complexity. She has trouble with reasoning chains. She’s not a good thinker.
Michelle resents the very people who helped her and who supported her husband, another race-centric Clinton campaigner who went into his normally hidden, disgusting moronic laughing ghetto-slang in front of a mostly white crowd of supporters to condemn Donald Trump. Why do the Obama’s condemn racism then use their membership in the black race to help world-class prevaricator Hillary?

Michelle cannot go high. She lacks that ability. She knows words and can speak English but her limited set of attributes do not include the ability to go high. It’s above and beyond her. She can’t do that.

Very simply, she’s just angry. Always has been. Seems to actually resent herself.¬†Michelle’s always been angry. Her senior thesis claimed Princeton made her aware of her blackness. Guess there were no mirrors while she was growing up but she brought her hate to Princeton. No mirror can show hate but her speech against Trump showed anger but not precocity. She’s lacked that ability her entire life. Still does. She’s still part of the crass cattle who make up the commintariat.
Michelle is a bully.


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