Her attacks against Trump are coming home to roost. She’s now doing worse than Gender-Issue Rachael Maddow. Kelly is shedding viewers like titanium sheds water. Many right-wingers are turning against Kelly and many are hating her for her phony issues she brings up to try to help Hillary. Kelly is paid $9 million and want’s more but her judgement is so off that previous fans have become enemies. Who will want her if Trump loses? The fans who now watch Rachael Maddow? They have an instinctive dislike of Kelly and FOX.
Too bad for FOX. For Kelly: she’ll get what she deserves. Same for her buddy the very boring Chris Stirewalt and his friend Dana Perino.
FOX before Ailes left was on the way up but it’s neutered itself and the political right no longer has an effective platform. Kelly has shown how misguided opinions of news-readers can turn viewers against them and against their entire network which is what’s going on right now.

Kelly is now an official loser. If Trump wins she will be seen as an enemy. If Clinton wins she will be seen as a traitor. Enemy/Traitor. Two loser results for a previously popular news-reader.
And bye-bye FOX.
The left is positively gleeful at Kelly’s poor judgment. /span>

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