Saturday, October 1, 2016. Lower Southampton, PA
A small crowd as far as a Presidential Campaign Rally is concerned, .. more of a dinner theater but Lara Trump brought her “A” game, supported her father-in-law, showed the people how much love, admiration and respect she has for her husband, Eric trump and for his father, the next President of the United States of America. Appearing with Lara who is completely at ease at the podium was Diamond and Silk who are “A” list performers who know what’s important for local volunteers to do to help elect Trump.

The situation with Lara is she is so normal for being part of one of the best families on earth, the Trumps. She is confident, extremely well-spoken, familiar with the issues of the world and easily bonded with the intimate audience who applauded and applauded during her speech. A lot can be told of a man by looking at his children. Lara is very, very normal and is another high functioning adult who is comfortable being in the spotlight of what has become the dirtiest political campaign in America history because the Democrats, the Liberals and the un-wholesome Hillary can only attack trump. They have little or no programs to solve the problems of the Presidency. Trump has covered all of them and some of his proposals have already been adopted by politicians. Trump is an effective leader and he’s not even elected yet. Lara is a valuable family member. Great job, everyone, it was a success.    


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