Some people need to remain anonymous but some people take unfair advantage of anonymity. They don’t like playing by the rules. They cheat to win without realizing it’s not a win when you cheat. They refuse to follow the rules but they are crafty. They know when they can get away with breaking the rules and when they will get caught. A sociopath doesn’t care about rules. Pathological liars start to cheat as adolescents. Inside the Criminal Mind shows they cannot be reformed because there’s no time in their existence when they didn’t cheat.

Winning at all costs, even if the cost is the malformation of themselves is a characteristic of anonymousness. No one is sufficiently important to cheaters, even the cheater. Lying is more than a simple habit because habits can be broken. A habituated liar is beyond a cure. Purposeful mis-direction is a reason for them to live. I believe they get a physical rush, a set of feelings that shows simultaneously their so-called success when others are successfully cheated and that they have no possibility of  being caught so to them there is a special joy when they get away with cheating. I witnesses one unfortunate actually start to vibrate when someone was caught and taken in by their scheme. Their intellects are mal-formed. The mal-formation is incomprehensible to normal people who have no experience with those types of abnormal behaviors. Normal people cannot comprehend the severe abnormality of a pathological liar. They are beyond redemption.  

A chronic, compulsive and habitual liar is out of touch with reality. Northampton has only a few but they will do anything, say anything and act out their fantasies by breaking the rules. They show up in Northampton at the Supervisors meetings and now that there is a camera at the Sewage Board meeting they like to practice their lying there also.

Northampton’s Liars are now famous. The Courier recently reported about the Sewage Boards Solar Panel Deal but there is far more information about the deal on this website. It was a political deal by the Insider Republican controlled Sewage Board. Sewage is what they handle and sewage is what they promote by their horrible decisions like using their power to charge the West Enders four times the rate to connect to the sewers. Outrageous people who cheat.

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