Suppose you had a hundred Syrians and ISIS announced it was sending Terrorists into America disguised as Syrians. Would you let in all 100? Suppose someone offered you Skittles that contained a few with fatal poison. Would you eat even one?

Of course not. Terrorists can disguise themselves. Terrorists can hide in a group of innocent refugees. Should America admit Terrorists?

Skittles without poison can be eaten. Syrians who are innocent can be admitted. So what’s the problem? Should Terrorists be admitted because terrorists are not poisoned Skittles? Of course not. Donald Trump Jr. made a correct comparison of Terrorists who murder Americans with skittles that contain poison. Either find out which Skittles are fatal or don’t eat any. Either find out which refugees are terrorists or stop letting refugees into America until the Liberals figure out how to stop letting terrorists into America.

If one Skittle could be fatal would a Liberal eat one?

Liberals were quich to compare Skittles to Omran Deqneesh, a four year old boy rescued from the bombed ruins in Aleppo. But Deqneesh is not a terrorist. Some

Lets broaden the base of the Middle East Refugee problem to include the unique class of people who have been bombing America, Israel and Europe. Lets include refugees among whom 9 flew two aircraft into the World trade Center. None of them were Skittles yet all were poison to Americans because almost 3,000 were killed on 9/11. Would you let terrorists into America just because you don’t like Donald Trump or his very successful son? No. Not on your life. One poisoned Skittle can kill you, just like one terrorist can. ¬†



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