The loser media, that would be the left which is just about all of it keeps telling us Islam is a religion of peace, opps, sorry, religion of pieces like heads, hands and so on; that all of the attacks in America by Islamic Lone Wolves are not the fault of Islam or of Muslim’s who enrich the culture by showing up at places like the Twin Towers, Nice, Boston, San Bernardino, New York, Seaside Heights and New Jersey coincident with murders by bombs, trucks and aircraft.

Nothing to see here folks, just keep moving past the bombs and bodies. The idiot president of the United States, a secret member of one of the darkest gangs in history against Israel, America and Europe for starters, a man who as a boy excelled in his Islamic school completely is numskulled by everything done in the name of Islam that is against human decency like head chopping and steel cage drownings.

The Lone Wolves have one very strong item in their backgrounds that binds them together forever in the history books. They are Muslims.

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