Three Terrorist Attacks but some self-absorbed, narcissist rich players are oppressed?
They are really protesting White People and protecting the Dindu Nuttin crowd who riots and riots and then riots some more. If America is so exploitative of its black citizens as the Kaepernicks tell us they are, blacks shouldn’t be forced to continue to call America their home.

Tens of millions of people are on the verge of discovering a reality they’ve long been blind to… that the America they once knew no longer exists and the America their children/grandchildren will inherit is little more than Africa, …. or Mexico, ….or both.

What is to be done? How can people who do not grasp the actions of white people who have sacrificed and died for black freedom be changed into normal thinkers? Well, they can’t but they’re causing the NFL to lose fans. Dummies. 

American blacks will never receive the dystopian justice that they demand until they cease being American. That’s one answer for the protesters. 
If some rich players want more respect they are going to have to do something respectful. Go protest in Iran. Show some courage. Protest against the government in Cuba. Go ahead, chicken cowards. Protest where protest is needed. Go where you will be arrested and thrown in jail for protesting. How about you go to Syria where human rights don’t exist? How about Zimbabwe? Go tell President Zuma in South Africa you don’t like his oppression in South Africa.

Your cowardice has consequences. Fans are deserting football and the NFL because neither the NFL nor the fans deserve your protests. Cowards.  

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