“IT’S TIME TO CHANGE AMERICA” says brilliant Charlotte Police Chief but the Charlotte “Dumb Liberal” Mayor wants the community to be peaceful.

The “Community” means everyone but what about the people who don’t want peace? What about the rioters? What about the protesters who injured 16 officers.? The mayor should be impeached for being stupid.

Imagine FDR yapping about the community instead of sending mayhem into Germany. A rioting community has broken the peace and needs to be brought to justice. It’s up to the community to stop rioters in their tracks. It’s up to the community to tell the PC crowd: “You’re Wrong. Stop It!”

Bush plans to vote for Hillary, not Trump, The man is a traitor to America for that crazy idea. The elder Bush’s admission that he plans to vote for Clinton occurred during a board meeting for the former president’s Thousand Points of Light Foundation. Kathleen Hartington Kennedy Townsend, the former Maryland lieutenant governor and daughter of the late Robert F. Kennedy, asked Bush about his choice during a receiving line and got a frank answer—which she then posted to her Facebook page, prompting news reports Monday and Tuesday confirming that Bush indeed plans to vote for Clinton.

Looks like Obama was eight more years of Bush. Hillary is part of the Bush establishment with which America has had enough.

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