She lost to Barack Hussein Obama in 2008 but she lost to Monica, Paula and Gennifer decades ago. She momentarily lost Bill to Kathleen Willey who accused him of groping her in the White House, Maria Furtwangler, Belinda Caroline Stronach, Naomi Robson, Markie Post, Patricia Duff, Eliezbeth Gracen, Sally Perdue, Dolly Kyle Browning, and a ‘secret’ mistress whose visits are so well known amongst his security staff in Chappaqua, Connecticut that she has been given the playful nickname, ‘Energizer.’ On June 10, this year, J.R. Taylor reported Sex Addict’ Bill Clinton Had 2,000 Lovers.

Hillary lost with the Vince Foster suicide. She lost with the Billy Dale Travelgate firings. She lost with the Whitewater land swindle. She lost with Webb Hubble billing scandal. She lost her e-mails. She lost 17 Blackberry cell phones. She falls down. She broke her elbow and her head. She’s been having seizures. She failed to protect the American ambassador Chris Stephens and three other Americans in Benghazi then she lied to the widows of the 4 dead Americans in Benghazi. She lost with the Clinton Foundation shakedown scheme.
She was caught in the White House with more than 700 FBI background reports on rival Republicans. The Norman Hsu scandal involved Hsu who was a huge contributor and fundraiser for the Democrat party during Hillary Clinton’s Presidential campaign of 2008. He collected contributions to the party, from a variety of “sources” and went a long way to promoting Hillary. However, HSU was a criminal, and more than that a fugitive, who had been scamming people and businesses for many long years.
Chinagate, documented by Judicial Watch, was uncovered by Judicial Watch founder Larry Klayman. Technology companies allegedly made donations of millions of dollars to various Democratic Party entities, including President Bill Clinton’s 1996 re-election campaign, in return for permission to sell high-tech secrets to China. Congress had to get involved and investigate Chinagate as well as her sale of Uranium to Russia.

Gift-gate: Hillary blasted former Clinton adviser Dick Morris when he alleged in a New York Post article that the former first lady hadn’t disclosed “three or four” pricey handbags from designer Judith Leiber worth more than $3,000 each, five dresses received from the king of Morocco (one of which Hillary was seen wearing), a gold bracelet Chelsea Clinton accepted in India and other gifts Hillary was given during the Clinton administration.

Morris wrote, “Hillary Clinton got many expensive and personal gifts during her eight years as first lady and never disclosed them.”

WND recently reported Hillary received funds from an arm of the Iranian government and hired a convicted Iranian-American multimillionaire with ties to Tehran as her national campaign finance director in 2008.

Hillary aides Huma Abidin and Cheryl Mills. Hillary lied about sniper fire during a visit to Bosnia. When the Clinton’s moved from the White House took items from the White House totalling a shocking $190,000. The couple ultimately returned some of the items and paid for others but she took the stuff. In the 70’s she took $100,000 she claimed was from stock market investments in one year. She collected millions for speeches but she won’t reveal what she said. She involved her daughter in the bribe-speech business where they sold access to elected officials and had legislation written for bribers called ‘Doners”.

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