Check out the way the Speaker of the House is decided. None of “The People” have anything to say about it. Neither do the voters. It’s strictly “A Party” party. Outsiders aren’t wanted, needed or considered. The Democrats have: The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee operating inside the United States Congress. Why should the private Democratic Party get and office and a standing committee inside the Capital building? Because they don’s care about the people. They care far more about their fellow political buddies which is yet another reason Trump has to be elected President so he can kick out the inside political establishment and make them get and pay for their own offices.

 It’s not just the Democrats/ The Republicans do the same thing and so does “The Tea Party” which isn’t even a recognized party but some people joined together to form their own group which isn’t what they are supposed to do in Congress. They are supposed to spend their hearts, souls, minds and bodies doing the work of the people 24/7 every day.

The media is part of the problem. Instead of trying to cover each of the 536 elected people in the house, Senate and The President, they would rather cover the 50 or so committees then get over to the bar for a few more pops before heading home each day. …developing  

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