It’s true. Obama has been called the worst American President, even worse than Jimmie Carter and even though both are infamous anti-Semites and both hate Israel, Carter got one thing correct when he said: “Everyone should help Russia defeat ISIS and the other Shariah threats in the Middle East.”

Opposing common sense, Putin, Henry Kissinger and Jimmie Carter, Obama officially thru his Secretary of Defense Ash Carter said: “We are not prepared to cooperate on strategy which, as we explained, is flawed, tragically flawed, on the Russians’ part,”

But Putin is on the right path. In his commentary, titled ‘A Path Out of the Middle East Collapse,’ Kissinger argues the region is “in shambles” as non-state movements tear apart countries like Libya, Yemen, Syria and Iraq. Henry calls the so-called Shia Islamic State (IS, also known as ISIS and ISIL) established in parts of Iraq and Syria an “unrelenting foe of established world order,” seeking to replace the international system with an Islamic empire. Kissinger is spot on. So is Putin who has been attacking the “rebels” that Obama has been supporting. Speaking plainly, Obama screwed up the Middle East, big time.

Donald Trump weighted in. Trump said: “Iraq is a disaster … Libya is not even a country. You can make the case, if you look at Libya, look at what we did there – it’s a mess. If you look at Saddam Hussein with Iraq, look what we did there – it’s a mess.”

Speaking about the White House’s policy of supporting the Syrian armed opposition, Trump truthfully said the administration “doesn’t know who they are. They could be Isis. Assad is bad. Maybe these other people are worse.” He said he was bothered by “the concept of backing people they have absolutely no idea who they are”. Again, US officials admit that they have armed opposition fighters who, on entering Syria promptly handed their weapons over to Jabhat al-Nusra, the local representatives of al-Qaeda. Trump added: “I was talking to a general two days ago. He said: ‘We have no idea who these people are.’”

It’s is not that Trump shows any great clairvoyance, but his words resonate because there is such an absence of clear thinking in Washington and Western Europe about the wars that are sweeping the Middle East and North Africa.

Henry Kissinger said the destruction of ISIS is more important than the overthrow of Bashar Assad. The way to do that is what Putin is doing. Join Assad to situate military assets in the Middle East then strike out at the enemies of Assad who are also the enemies of America and the West. Putin knows that. Obama doesn’t. Even Jimmie Carter gets it but not Obama. In this case Obama is dumber than a box of hammers.

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