They simply don’t publish the millions of good stories about guns. Only murders and killings make news just like airplane crashes. Who want’s to know how many safe landings airplanes make each day? Who cares how many safe miles cars went? The news is supposed to report unusual things.

Using a gun to defend yourself against a robber, a carjacker or a rapist however is news. Robbery and rape are unusual so a robbery that was stopped or a rape that didn’t happen should be reported by the media, especially if a gun was used to stop a crime. Yes, an attempt to rob is a crime. So is an attempt to rape. People aren’t allowed to try to rape. It wrong to do and the attempt itself is a crime. An attampt to rape includes an assault. If a rapist hits a victim it’s assault and battery plus attempted rape. If the rapist is stopped by being shot the story is very unusual but the media is ant-gun so they simply don’t report the successful use of a gun.

Having a gun means you can decide to simply show it to the attacker or you can shoot him. Most attacks stop when the criminal sees the gun. Criminals aren’t stupid. They won’t attack if they know a woman is armed. They will leave when a woman shows a gun and they will leave in a hurry if she fires a warning shot but the media will not report a rape that was stopped by a woman who shows a gun. Consider that a shooting at the Appalachia Law school was stopped when a student with a gun told the shooter to drop his gun. There were 208 news reports written and only 4 mentioned the gun of the student who stopped the shooting with his gun. they however mentioned the gun the chooter had in more than enough detail so the media was aware that the attack was stopped by a gun. they judt decided to demonize one gun and not say anything about the good gun. .

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