What are they against? Police brutality? Even the police hate to use force but it’s often necessary. The reasons for the NFL and the Eagles players to protest the police are the hatred of America, a country that the players don’t like. .

At rock bottom only an ignorant jackass would be against the police. Protesters say they are only against the racism of the police but that’s a fiction because America has a lot of black police who work to keep order. Likewise there is no “Systemic Racism” in America. No laws require racism. No organization supports it. It’s a fiction and a lie that America is a racist nation or that it was founded as a racist nation. America wasn’t founded on th basis of slavery. Slavery wasn’t supported by America. Never. Some people had slaves. Most people didn’t and the founding documents did not serve to perpetuate slavery. To think or say differently is to think or talk wrongly. America is about a whole lot more than the NFL as the players, coaches and owners are about to find out as fans desert them and football in droves.

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