It’s happening all over America. The Romney Express. The Romney landslide. The new beginning for America. The new start Americans need and that Americans have been waiting for.

It’s become obvious. Obama is not revelevant anymore. Many newspapers that backed Obama have switched to Romney. (Here) It’s about going foreword with Romney. Obama had his chances. He failed to live up to his own promises. But the future for America and the future of the world will begin when Romney takes office. Listen to the people. Feel the energy of change at the Romney Rally at Red Rocks, Colorado (Here), at Minnosota, (Here),  and Morrisville PA  (Here).

Feel the power of this wonderful time for America as millions join to get a better future. It feels like America left a bad place and arrived at a better place. Like the waves of immigrants who came to America for a better life, the people who want a fair shot, suddenly realized they have a chance to get a better future by voting for Romney. It’s almost too simple. Vote on Tuesday. Vote for the future. Vote for Romney.

The energy coming from this great team is real.

Romney is real. Romney told us what he’s going to do and after four years of things getting worse for America he’s a breath of fresh air. It feels like we’ve been afraid to take a deep breath but now we can breathe easier.

It feels good. We know what the right thing to do is. Romney is what he seems to be. An honest, caring, sincere man who deserves to be the President because he’s going to what he’s been doing all his life. Romney has the Right Stuff. Romney will do the right things because he knows the right things to do. Finally it’s clear. Like Obama, Hurricane Sandy caused a lot of damage but the hurricane is over. Obama is over and we know what to do. Vote For Mitt Romney. It’s that easy.

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