The Liberal Left-Wing Hollywood support of the worst American President who has constantly fibbed his way along for the last – how many years? The cheating and lying in┬ásecond debate as Candy Crowley openly helped Obama fib about Obama calling the Benghazi attack an act of terrorism. If Romney knew about Crowleys mistake he would have won the debate that night but the truth finally came out after the debate and even today as CBS News revealed their doctored interview with Obama the day after the Rose Garden remarks about Benghazi that were not about Benghazi after all.

“the conclusion to be drawn is quite simple: CBS News, in an effort to assist President Obama’s re-election campaign, corruptly concealed information about two critical issues–namely, a terror attack and the president’s dishonesty about it. When the players in the Libya scandal face investigation, so, too, should CBS News and those in the mainstream media who have wantonly assisted the administration’s shameless lies.” by Joel Pollak 11/5/12

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