It really doesn’t matter. Once government decides to eliminate Individual Rights they are all in danger. The order or the sequence they are eliminated doesn’t matter. The Federal Government is the government the Constitution was written against so the people, the individual’s would be protected. Under President Obama the destruction of the Constitution is proceeding faster than ever.

Essentially all Rights are aimed at controlling government. Conversely, the destruction of any Right proves a government will not be controlled by the rule of law. Under President Obama more laws, rules, regulations and Commandments have been broken to the extent that even the borders have been opened to bring in anti-Americans. President Obama has become more of a dictator than any other American president. 

Even with a government that knows the value of protecting Individual Rights eventually it will eliminate some rights and then eliminate more and more. President Obama has been systematically ruling against the law for 5 1/2 years. 

Far too many Americans are committing political suicide because of their wrong moral convictions. In the process they agree with government and continue to surrender Rights.

Is the Democratic Party more dangerous than the Republican Party? Of course but only a bit more dangerous because both parties know they need to eliminate Individual Rights so they can get the taxes into their own wallets, bank accounts and into a string of real assets.

Politicians die rich with unearned money. Look at the Three Clinton Scoundrels who have been lying cheating and stealing all their lives. Even Chelsea has been caught lying like Mommy Dearest and Bubba.

Perhaps Chelsea can be forgiven because she’s the biological product of two liars. No. Chelsea is past 30. She’s an adult who lies about the money she’s given. She said “It’s never been about the money”. Really? Then why are you collecting so much of it?

The American people have a right to politicians who tell the truth but thet’re harder to find than a Catholic Rabbi.

The Supreme Court knows how to eliminate Rights. They’ve been doing it all along. Read the 1896 case of Plessy v. Ferguson which was never overturned.

Who would trust 9 people who have the responsibility to correctly interpret the law but who cannot agree on the law? And why should the American people trust the Supreme court when they’ve been so wrong about so much for so long? 

They recently did away with a woman’s right to her body by prohibiting abortifacients.

They were subtle and cunning. They ruled abortifacients do not have to be provided to women on Obamacare if their employer is driven by religious objections.

What Right will be the next to go? The Right to a gun?

The Right to a free press was overcome by Political Correctness. So was the right to free speech and the entire government was in favor of Political Correctness.  

It doesn’t matter which Right went first. they are all going, going and will soon be gone. . .  .   .



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