Trump is running as Trump. Sorry Republicans, he’s popular despite being Republican. Notice the Big Republicans don’t support him. Why not? He’s pushed all the required buttons. He defeated everyone in the Primaries. He’s Conservative. He’s not Liberal. He stands for everything the mainstream Republicans want the Republican candidate to stand for. He’s against everything they want him to be against but Trump is more popular than Reagan. Why?

Because he’s one guy, not “the party”. We’re fed up with both parties. We’re fed up with the Bushes, Romney, Ryan etc. We want someone who’s authentic. Like Rudy Giuliani. Yes, like Newt who is still Newt even though he’s no longer in government. We want authenticity. We want some ONE, not the party apparatus with the party apparachicks. We don’t like government which means we don’t like the parties.

We’re all on the same side as the black people. We don’t trust government. We don’t like Obama because he sold us out. We sure don’t want Hillary who is establishment and everything that’s wrong with the establishment.

Trump called her “crooked Hillary”. He was being kind. She belongs in jail but she’s so establishment the establishment will not prosecute her. Not happening.

Bill Clinton disgraced the White House by selling the Lincoln bedroom, by selling “coffee’s” with the President and of course by pulling himself out of his trousers whenever a female was alone with him. There’s no way the decent people want that sexual deviant anywhere near the White House ever again.

Without Obama being as bad a president as he was, Trump might have won the nomination. Obama helped diminish America in the eyes of the world but America is greater than a bounder like Barack. He did some damage. We’ll repair it and recover and go on to be the greatest, most extraordinary culture and nation in the history of the world. With Obama and Hillary out of the way, we have another chance to keep America great. That’s what American’s want. That’s what Trump can do.

So all aboard. Welcome aboard. America’s coming back.      



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