The Madness of Crowds.

This was not a spontaneous demonstration. It was organized as you can see by the number of professional signs that the organizers gave out to many of the unwitting demonstrators.

One of the groups that helped organize the so-called: “Anti-Cop Demonstration was A.N.S.W.E.R. = ANSWER = Act Now To End War and Stop Racism. Answer has been around for a decade or more and according to Wikipedia consists of “left-wing Muslim, Arab, Palestinian groups with ties to the Marxist-Leninist Communist Workers World Party. It’s a thoroughly Anti-America Destabilization group. Most marchers are unaware of who is saying what to the group so they don’t know who prepared the professional Anti-cop signs. They are, in the words of Lenin, “Useful Idiots”.

Frangy Pozo and Tarik Grand were two demonstrators who were quoted in The New York Post article. Their nationality was not reported.

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