Worse than the childhood nursery rhyme, Hillary fainted while on her feet, fell down and received a concussion that led to a blocked vein in her brain for which she was rushed to NewYork-Presbyterian/Columbia hospital and given a blood thinner to try to dissolve the clot in her vein. It may not have succeeded. The clot may still be there. 

At the hospital a scan discovered the blood clot two weeks after the fall and concussion. Explaining that the clot was triggered by the fainting that resulted in the loss of consciousness and of course unconscious people cannot stand so Hillary fell down and banged her crown.

According to the State Department, the fainting was caused by dehydration, brought on by a stomach virus. The concussion was diagnosed on Dec. 13, though the fall had occurred earlier that week.

The clot was potentially serious, blocking a large vein along the side of her head, behind her right ear, between the brain and the skull. The vein, called the right transverse sinus, has a matching vessel on the left side. These veins drain blood from the brain; blockages can cause strokes or brain hemorrhages. But if only one transverse sinus is blocked, the vein on other side can usually handle the extra flow.a vein that drains blood from the brain.

Dr. David J. Langer, a brain surgeon and associate professor at Hofstra North Shore-LIJ School of Medicine, said the vein blocked by the clot might or might not reopen. Sometimes, he said, the clot persists and the body covers it with tissue that closes or narrows the blood vessel. As long as the vein on the other side of the head is open, there is no problem for the patient.

One thing that is unclear, and that may never be known for sure because Hillary constantly, almost preternaturally refuses to talk much, is what caused Mrs. Clinton’s blood clot. It might have been a result of the concussion because of her fall but it might be because she’s prone to develop blood clots. In 1988 he had one in her leg. No reason for that clot was ever provided to the public either. She doesn’t like to talk but one thing is certain. She is in danger from another blood clot and the betting is only about when it will happen.  

That danger should make her ineligible to continue to campaign for President. After all, she will turn 70 next year so her body has withstood a lot, perhaps too much for a Presidential candidate.

She had another neurological episode in August where her head wobbled, her eyes rolled back and her consciousness was impaired.

Photos are all over the internet that show Hillary’s medical assistant or doctor who follows her around with an auto-injector pen, a medical needle as she struggles to climb stairs. She’s not healthy. She’s covering it up more than her deleted e-mails or her cattle trading schemes.

Dr. David K. Cundiff noted: “Hillary Clinton has had three episodes of venous thrombosis (clots in veins): deep vein thrombosis (blood clots) in her leg in 1998 and 2009 and thrombosis in veins in her brain (cerebral venous thrombosis) in 2012. On July 31, 2015, Ms. Clinton’s doctor revealed that Ms. Clinton still takes the blood thinner (anticoagulant drug) Coumadin (warfarin),” the doctor writes.

“If her doctors follow current clinical practice guidelines, Coumadin or other blood thinners will continue for the rest of her life. This puts her at high risk for major bleeding.”

Taking into consideration Clinton’s medical history of suffering venous thrombosis, Cundiff calculates she has about five times the chance of a woman her age of developing another blood clot, amounting to a 20 percent chance over the next 10 years.

At her advanced age, too much of her health is an unknown. It is past the time for serious investigation and study into Hillary Clinton’s physical and mental and for her to make public her health medical records.

Unhealthy and untrustworthy. And running for President. This can’t end good.  

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