Close the borders. More Immigrants means more crime. Today [as opposed to historically], Muslim terrorists, rapists, murderers and criminals are not entering the West against its will but because of it….

Is there anything more insulting than being LECTURED by a Shariah-supporting Islamist Khizar Khan at Hillary’s DNC about American civics and Western values? #KhizrKhan

As Raymond Ibrahim wrote: “The West must make it clear that our problem is not in Mecca, but in Washington. The present obstacle for America is not Islam, but Obama. The future obstacle is Hillary. America can deal with Islam if we are allowed to deal with it in the way we think we should.

“Simply put, whatever Islam is or teaches — whether it is violent or not, whatever it does “over there” in Mecca and elsewhere—is not the immediate answer.

“Rather, Obama brought Islam “over here,” making it a big problem—or, as has been more bluntly concluded:

“Western policymakers who insist Islam is peaceful (despite all evidence otherwise) and that the West is “obligated” to receive Muslim migrants, are 100% responsible for the daily victims of jihad, most recently a woman stabbed to death in London and an octogenarian priest in France…. The war begins with them.

“It’s all very simple: More Muslims equals more violence against non-Muslims. This formula acknowledges that not all Muslims, or even the majority, are inclined to acts of terrorism. However, as Muslim numbers grow in general, it’s only natural that the numbers of “radicals” will grow with them (e.g., 10 % of 100 is only 10, but 10% of a 1,000 is 100). And the immediate issue isn’t whether or why Islam is violent; the immediate issue is that Western leaders are the ones enabling it, by importing it into the West. Kick them and their suicidal policies out, and watch Islamic terror on Western soil fizzle out.

The Constitution allows a religious test for immigrants. Very well, lets do it.

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