No sir or madam, a culture doesn’t exist. Only individuals exist. There’s no such thing as a crowd, only individuals who gathered. There’s no “white racist culture”. There are individuals of all races and some, perhaps many who hate people of other races but they cannot act together as racists.

OK, OK, there’s the Klu Klux Klan but the Klan is a number of what? Right. Individuals. Groups have power as we saw in Ferguson but no group burned down the CVS. Individuals did that and the police are prosecuting not a group of arsonists but a number of individuals who perhaps assisted others who committed arson. Arson is not a group crime just as racism is not a group endeavor.

What about white cops arresting black criminals? that’s two groups, right? No, wrong. A black cop cannot arrest a group of black people. One cop can arrest one criminal or at least one at a time. That’s the deal. Arrest, book and try one criminal at a time. Doesn’t matter if it’s the trial of a black man, it’s not a trial of all balck men. Nor is it all of the police or even all of the white police who arrests the black man. It’s one policeman even when they arrest someone like Freddie Gray. It required several police officers and now eight of them have been arrested but they are each arrested separately. There’s no white police against the black community. It’s individuals all the way down.

How about the representation by category? The theory that black people are required to represent black people because of the interests of black people are only knowable to other black people. Those interests can only be understood, sympathized with and articulated by black people. That kind of thinking is a threat to black people the idea of black justice will be disfigured as people pursue the chimerical justice that’s produced by race-conscious remedies which produces race-based injustices which will go against black people because that’s how the black leaders accept things. See the problem? Justice is a universal idea. If a wrong action is against a black person it’s wrong because it’s inherently wrong, not because the victim was black. Same for a black perpetrator who is a criminal because of the criminal activity, not the race of the perpetrator.

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