Black leaders claim white people are racists because they hate black people because of their skin color. White leaders claim black people are bigoted against white people and they practice racism against whites. Who is right?

Neither. Or, perhaps both. Blacks aren’t bigoted and whites aren’t racist, at least they aren’t until they learn and practice skin-color hate. Why then aren’t there white leaders, like Al Sharpton and Barack Obama. who are speaking against black people like Sharpton and Obama speak against white people? Is it because white people can follow the system and prosper but black people need more help? Or do black people want white people to do something other than what white people have been doing?

What about “White Privilege”? Why isn’t there “Black Privilege”? Are white people born with attributes that make them superior? Or are white people guilty of keeping black people down? Or, is “White Privilege” false?

Are some races better than others? Why are there economic differences between different cultures? It;s easy to tell the difference between races by comparing skin colors. Can the differences be identified without that comparison?

Actions based on race was supposedly forbidden by the 1964 Civil Rights Act but is only forbid race based action against black people. Race based action against white people is not only permitted by the courts, it’s encouraged. Regardless of the reason or reasons for the encouragement, it’s race based action. The law therefore voids itself. Nevertheless, it’s dangerous to disagree with it.

The Supreme Court also said it’s OK to discriminate against white people. Black people, according to the Court cannot compete based on merit. The Court also ruled America is a race based nation and that the attributes used by white people to succeed are missing from black people. The Court is massively wrong yet that’s the law.

The worst thing going on in America is the huge power grabbed by the Court which was never given the power to make social policy yet it is getting away with it due to the lack of integrity of the legislature. The Court with the compliance of the legislature has ruled against equal protection for one race; the white race against whom government and special interest groups can operate. Congress has been busy allocating wealth and opportunity on the basis of black skin. That’s a huge Constitutionally wrong direction that is justified based on something called “diversity” The moral basis for the Constitution used to means Rights inured in Individuals, not groups with black colored skin.

Court sanctioned bigotry is not different than racism against black skinned people. The court however has sanctioned bigotry by black people against white people. That’s the message from the President.

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