Hey Republican leaders. “Vox Populi, Vox Dei. Listen, you can hear the people sing, singing a song of angry men and women, it is the singing of the people who will not be fooled by Hillary Clinton.

Trump is going to win the Presidency with or without your support. Time for Romney, Ryan, POW McCain, Mitch McConnell, Meg Whitman, and a few other Republican holdouts to join the people and support Trump.
Congress is out of session, all these useless people had to do was shut up. But no, they couldn’t even do that. Interestingly, however, both Ryan’s primary challenger Paul Nehlen and John McCain’s primary challenger Dr. Kelli Ward stepped up to defy the MSM frenzy.

Nehlen said, entirely accurately: “The problem with Paul Ryan is his constant knee-jerk reactions to anything controversial Donald Trump might say without completely understanding the issue”

All of the other Republican leaders, past and present support Trump or have announced they cannot vote for Lying, Crooked Hillary who acts like she’s a compulsive liar as FBI Director James Comey laid out with her lies about her two unlawful e-mail servers, one in her home and the other in a closet in Colorado.

All Trump has to do is call her the architect of Benghazi. She caused the small arms for the rebels in Syria to be stored in the unprotected compound not in Tripoli but in Benghazi where the Muslim Brotherhood got them and murdered four Americans. She slept while the phone kept ringing asking her for help then lied that it was a video.

Citizens United wanted to air a film critical of Hillary Clinton. She reported them to the Federal Election Commission that stopped the film in violation of the First Amendment Right to Free Speech. She was proven wrong by the U.S. Supreme Court. She claimed, wrongly, that showing the film also violated the McCain–Feingold Act. Maybe John McCain should register Socialist because he follows their party line.

So Hillary opposes Free Speech and wants to regulate books, periodicals, pamphlets, video’s and movies. That’s unconstitutional and so is she. Remember she was kicked off the Watergate Investigation for demanding unConstitutional procedures be used against President Nixon. Might as well elect Fidel Castro as Hillary Clinton. Castro might not be as bad as Hillary is.

These justices agreed with Hillary that Free Speech can be regulated by government: Justice Stevens, Justice Ginsburg, Justice Breyer, and Justice Sotomayor who want to control what people can say. Obama supports them and wants to regulate what people are allowed to say.

Trump is not only the answer to Hillary, Hillary herself is against the people, she believes she’s above the law and she’s gotten away with that for decades. She’s positively criminal. thinks like a criminal, talks like a criminal and acts like a criminal shakdown artist who went around the world lying and collecting millions for herself as Secretary of State. A despicable, deplorable, scurrilous person. It’s a wonder she’s never been prosecuted for her crimes. Her time is over. Hillary is so over.

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