There are many different sects and divisions of Islam but it is a religion and it’s therefore entitled to the consideration given to the American habit of religious tolerance. But is it wise to allow enemies into our midst? Look to the right side of the Atlantic; ~ places like France, London. Germany, Spain and Sweden for some evidence on the wisdom of avoiding religious testing for immigrants.

America should welcome immigrants who amplify our values and embrace Liberty but we must stop Jihadists. Since neither Obama nor Hillary are willing to do that we need to categorically ban Muslims because among them are out enemies.

Senator Jeff Sessions (R., Ala.) said Obama has orchestrated a dramatic increase in Muslim immigration to the U.S. This is dangerous and un-necessary. Many Muslims are enemies of America because the principles of Sharia call for them to kill the non-Muslim compliant non-Muslims. In effect Obama committed treason against Americans.

The United States government’s first obligation is to shield the American people from foreign threats, not to shield foreign threats and render the American people defenseless. The Constitution does not forbid a religious test for immigrants. Religious tests are only forbidden for elected representatives.

So America can and must stop Muslim immigrants unless they support the basis of America which is Individual Liberty which of course is in opposition to their religion.

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