We Need Donald Trump, as the Mayor of Portland said today to a Donald Trump rally/audience. He will “Make America Great Again”.< Hillary cannot be trusted with National Security. Her e-mail scandal put the entire country at risk. She lied then lied again about the lies. She said we misunderstood that the director of the FBI said. Said she Getting away with the e-mails was the greatest accomplishment she ever had. Greatest insult to our country. Police officers are the greatest supporters of Trump. The President met with the Attorney General in the back of an airplane to talk about their grandchildren. Hahaha. In Portland Maine, Trump told the crowd: "We're going to get Bernie people because we are dying with our trade deals. If Bernie didn't make his deal with the devil he would have been better off. Then she picked Kaign as her vice President. He raised taxes $400 million in his first week. Hes not popular in VA at all. BTW, we have a great Vice President. Mike Pence, triple A bond rating. Incredible job he did. Paul Ryan is a good guy. Mike asked if he could endorse Paul Ryan. Trump said "go ahead, endorse him". She lied to Chris Wallace. If I did it i'd probably get the electric chair. I'd get horrible treatment by the press. Meanwhile the Obama Clinton economic disaster. 1 in 4 of people in their prime are not working. Trump is going to bring back our jobs. Hillary only works for her doners, special interests and her lobbyists. Melania and Don and Eric and Tiffany and Ivanka did great jobs at the RNC. We have a movement going on, perhaps the greatest political phenomenon they have seen in their lifetime. You should have seen what's going on in PA. Saudi gives $25 million to Hillary. She's going to be so good to the energy business in Saudi. I'm going to decrease your taxes in half. Cut taxes for the middle class, for business that cannot produce jobs. Regulations are so bad, so bad, if people could cut taxes or regulations people pick regulations. Two military fighters went down they are old. They rob parts from planes in museums. Maine is so incredible, we have people up here that are proud of their country. We want to win the whole state. We want all four electors. When I was young we used to win wars. Now we don't win anymore. Can you imaging General MacArthur, General Patton and we have those people .Were going to win with our military, Mexico is going to pay for the wall, that's and easy one. Why? Because Mexico want's our business. Had our first victory in New Hampshire and their problem is heroin. It's so beautiful. WHo would think, we're going to stop the drugs coming mostly from Mexico. You're going to be again very proud of your country. We're going to win again, were going to make America safe again. We're going to make America great again.

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