He might be conflicted over the number of wives. He favors none while Islam favors maybe three or more.

The Associated Press reported “Pope Francis encouraged hundreds of thousands of young people at a global gathering of the faithful Sunday to “believe in a new humanity” that is stronger than evil and refuses to see borders as barriers.

“Sniffer dogs patrolled the perimeter, searching for explosives. Police opened every bag of those entering and waved metal-detecting wands carefully over each person.

“At Sunday’s Mass, several Polish police vans followed the pope’s open-sided popemobile as he rode through the wide flat meadow in the middle of the hundreds of thousands of pilgrims.

Motorcycle police rode close to metal barriers keeping the crowd away.

Francis expressed dismay that many people and places aren’t welcoming enough to refugees or those fleeing poverty in their homelands. He offered to take loads of Muslims but pointed out people aren’t permitted inside the Vatican so he won’t be taking any of them. Instead he suggested they go to America and Europe because life is better in Europe and America. Nice of him, what?

If Pope Francis is serious he should take his message where it’s needed: the Middle East, the Arab lands and to the Muslims but of course he prefers preaching to the choir where it’s safe.

Hillary might convert to Roman Catholicism because she doesn’t like walls either, preferring to keep the borders of America wide open so more illegal immigrants can immigrate and cause the kinds of crime and problems that illegal people cause.

Donald Trump will win the Presidential Election because more Americans disagree with open borders because they respect the laws and want a President who will be a law and order candidate.

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